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Tuesday June 30th, 2020

Gamlingay Parish Council

When will the playground be open?
As announced by the Prime Minister on 23rd June, playgrounds, including Gamlingay playground, will able to reopen from 4th July 2020 🙂

Gamlingay Parish Council is responsible for the playground and has considered how to protect users and staff, recognising that it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.

We need to work together to ensure that we can let children use the playground in these unusual times and keep the playground safe for all. Should it be found that the safety procedures that are being put in place are not being adhered to, then the Parish Council will sadly have to consider closing the playground again.

It is recognised that adherence to social distancing between individuals and households can be particularly difficult in a playground setting and so there will be additional measures and advice in place. Signs will be placed at the playground entrances and we appeal to all users to take note and keep safe. The wording of the signs is shown below.

The virus could survive long enough on frequently used/touched outdoor surfaces to facilitate transmission. Parish Council staff will undertake daily weekday cleaning of equipment with anti viral product effective against Coronavirus, but it encourages all users, parents, guardians and carers to use effective sanitation procedures. Handwashing facilities will not be available, bring wipes, gloves, hand sanitiser for your own use.

Parents should be aware that wearing a face covering in a playground setting could pose an additional safety risk and should use their judgement on whether their children wear a face covering.

The Parish Council arranges for The Royal Society For the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) to regularly check all its play equipment. It was last checked in April 2020 and all items raised have been attended to, or are booked in to be done. The cantilever swing (tyre swing) was flagged as high risk due to large splits in the wooden support arm, so the swing has been removed pending repair or replacement. Our equipment is also checked weekly by our own staff. If you see anything that needs attention please contact us by email or leave a message on the answerphone 01767 650310. Thank you.

The playground and skatepark are open from 4th July 2020, but please note the following advice to keep everyone safe.

• Allowing children to use playground and skatepark equipment is done at parents, guardians, and carers own risk
• Please note that the maximum number of users at one time is 20 in the playground, 5 on the skatepark. If it is too busy, come back later.
• Only 1 family member accompanying users please, to help with keeping numbers down.
• During busy times, please only stay for 30 minutes to let others use the areas.
• Please remember the need for social distancing - applies to all users, parents, guardians and carers.
• Our staff will clean high use surfaces such as swing chains, slide and climbing frame handrails, benches and seats each weekday morning with anti-bacterial products. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of users, parents, guardians, and carers to clean equipment particularly where there are clear touch points such as handles.
• You should bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean your own and children’s hands. No toilet or handwashing facilities will be available.
• All users are advised not to touch their faces, and to cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available
• Remind users not put mouths on equipment or their hands in their mouths
• Consumption of food or drink on play equipment or in the playground area is banned
• Parents, guardians or carers should dispose of all litter including any used protective wear such as face coverings or gloves properly in litter bins or by taking it home where a bin is not provided.
• Parents should be aware that wearing a face covering in a playground setting could pose an additional safety risk and should use their judgement on whether their children wear a face covering.
• Track and trace - Please keep a personal note of when you have used the playground or skatepark. Should there be an outbreak of Covid -19 traced to the use of the recreation facilities, the Parish Council will use its website/social media channels to gather and provide information for NHS track and trace if required.

Thank you, enjoy and keep safe!
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