Please see our annual Action Plans, under Our Organisation/Our Priorities.

The Parish Council is involved in several ongoing projects and is always looking for opportunities for projects which will be of benefit to Gamlingay and its residents.  The Council seeks external funding for projects where possible and considers match funding or full funding of projects at budget setting time each year.

Current plans and projects include;

Supporting the newly formed Gamlingay Climate Emergency Working Party. (The Parish Council declared a Climate Emergency in October 2021.)

Providing a footpath/cycle way towards Potton along Mill Hill.

Continuing to promote Solution Gamlingay to support local businesses.

Develop a Neighbourhood Plan and Village Design Statement.

Supporting Neighbourhood Watch and Gamlingay Community Safety Groups.

Supporting the “Grow Gamlingay” project which seeks to plant trees around the village. The group has now published its guide to a tree trail around Gamlingay B26684 TEH Gamlingay tree trail leaflet v2 hr visual (1).

Seeking a lease/to purchase the old First School field on Green End for community use.

Neighbourhood Watch

Solution Gamlingay

Neighbourhood Plan