The Parish Council is involved in several ongoing projects and is always looking for opportunities for projects which will be of benefit to Gamlingay and its residents.  The Council seeks external funding for projects where possible and considers match funding or full funding of projects at budget setting time each year.

Current plans for 2019-20 include;

Purchasing mobile speed monitoring equipment for the Speed Watch group. This has been included in the budget following a number of terrible accidents around the village last year and in response to suggestions from a local action group.

Seeking suitable schemes for submission to the Cambridgeshire County Council Local Highways Initiative. Last year the Parish Council contributed towards a new stretch of footpath at Everton Road to improve safety for pedestrians – this was in response to an approach from a local resident.

Supporting  GreenSand Country by looking at providing a gateway feature at the Eco Hub to mark the beginning of the Greensand Ridge Walk.

Continuing to promote Solution Gamlingay and support the Neighbourhood Plan and Village Design Statement.

Supporting Neighbourhood Watch and the newly formed Gamlingay Community Safety Group.

Neighbourhood Watch

Solution Gamlingay

Neighbourhood Plan

Christmas Lights

Petition First School playing fields