Gamlingay Parish Council has 15 members. 

The register of interests for each individual councillor can be viewed via the South Cambridgeshire District Council website by clicking on the councillors name

Harriet Gould – Chair

07817 003830

Harriet Gould, Chair of Gamlingay Parish Council. Elected to Chair May 2021. Elected May 2022.

Sam Martin – Vice Chair




Councillors elected May 2022

Adrian Foster

Ann Kirby

Robert (Bob) Petch

Samantha Martin

Keith Warburton

Larry New

Jolin Darcy

Tracy Gurney

David Hooper


Next Parish Council election May 2026




South Cambridgeshire District Councillor

Bridget Smith 

Cambridgeshire County Councillor

Sebastian Kindersley 

Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire

Anthony Browne



Council Committees/working parties/groups

Committees and Sub Committees
Planning Committee – Members: Chair (ex officio) Chair W Boyne, T Gurney, A Foster, R Petch
Finance and General Purposes Committee  – Members: Chair (ex – officio), S Martin, A Foster, R Petch, L New
Consultation Sub Committee – Members : all councillors.
Staffing Sub Committee (of Finance and General Purposes) – Members:  vacancy .
Publications Sub Committee (of Finance and General Purposes) – Members :S Martin, vacancy .  S Martin and Clerk L Bacon hold admin roles on the PC Facebook page. Clerk L Bacon manages the PC Twitter account.

Groups and Working Parties

Old  Methodist Chapel Management – K Warburton, T Gurney.

SpeedWatch – K Warburton

Library –

Police Panel – W Boyne

Parish Council Liaison – Members:  A Kirby

Neighbourhood plan – S Martin

Gamlingay Community Turbine representative on grant funding panel – S Martin

Gamlingay Community Safety Group – K Warburton, W Boyne

Little Gransden Aerodrome Consultative Committee – vacancy

Gamlingay Community Turbine Grants panel – S martin

S106 Committee –

Gamlingay Primary Road Safety Group –